About Us

Vision & Mission

Value for students, Innovation for good.

Our mission is to give our students the knowledge and skills necessary to launch successful careers and advance in their chosen fields. We were genuinely interested in educating our students and refused to put profit before our principles. We strive to incorporate social responsibility into our services. We will earn the admiration and loyalty of our students and community due to the high standards we set for ourselves in every service regarding quality, performance, and value.

ITC is Our Culture


Uphold principles, and ethics.


Strive for constructive contributions, accept responsibility, and strive for breakthroughs.

Creativity & Collaboration

Think ahead and see what is in the future. Be inclusive and collaborative, strive to progress and evolve.

Organizational Structure​

ITC atau IT Centrum merupakan salah satu Pusat Studi di Jurusan Informatika UII yang menyelenggarakan berbagai program pelatihan bersertifikasi di bidang Teknologi Informasi & Komunikasi (TIK).

  • Faculty of Industrial Technology
    Universitas Islam Indonesia
    • Department of Informatics
      Universitas Islam Indonesia
      • IT Centrum
        Pusat Studi Pelatihan Teknologi Informasi

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